“Life…” from the L & D Room…
July 29, 2009, 11:30 am
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Yes… you read the title correctly. No… you do not need to work on your reading comprehension skills. I am, truthfully with no hint of falsehood, writing this post from the Labor and Delivery room in a Hospital.

My thoughts right now… FRAGMENTED!

Am I processing what is going on right now… PROBABLY NOT!

If my wife weren’t sleeping right now, would I be doing this… ABSOLUTELY NOT!

So, since I shouldn’t be on here long and I really am not thinking all to clearly I am going to give some thoughts in bullet points:

  • My wife is amazing! I realize we haven’t been married for more than a year (11 months tomorrow), but I have never been more proud of her (or anyone else for that matter) than I am right now. Both of us are scared, uncertain, anxiously awaiting the arrival, yet she is the one who has endured the discomfort and pain with enough strength after a contraction to smile at me and laugh at my poor attempt to make her laugh. She is wonderfully amazing.
  • I am a tad bit frightened! Talking with my Dad yesterday he asked me if I was ready. Really? Can someone be ready? I think I have been more concerned with the outward details over the past 9 months that I have forgotten what all of this means: A new life… A Baby girl… A daughter. Though frightened… excited.
  • Tears pretty randomly come to my eyes! Majority of the time they come as a result of me thinking of holding the Baby. Imagining looking at her wrapped in a receiving blanket in my arms is enough to send a strange chill through me.
  • God is so good! He blesses beyond measure. He protects in all situations. He has had this all planned out since the beginning of time for our good and His Glory.

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