July 2, 2009, 10:16 am
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I think that it is safe to say that, at times, we all have the ability to see what we want to see.  With that said, the song that was brought to my attention is still thought provoking.

The song, by Regina Spektor, seems to be taking a look at our flippant attitude toward God that we, as a culture, tend to carry with us through life. The main phrase heard throughout “No one laughs at God…” used in reference with serious situations and circumstances sets a stoic tone to the song. Follow this with “God can be funny…” connected to the different caricatures that have permeated our culture and you begin to get the sense that, although a secular song, it is hinting at something spiritually critical.

To see the Music video and Read the lyrics head over to Josh Hariss’ Blog.

Update: As I mention at the beginning of this post, we all have the ability to see what we want to see. So, I still don’t feel completely comfortable saying this song is exactly what it would seem. I still flinch every time the phrase “God can be Funny…” is sung.

Hopefully at some point there will be a statement as to why this song was written. Maybe all the “Christian” assumption will be vindicated.


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