Change… “Yes We Can”
January 29, 2009, 3:28 pm
Filed under: General

After taking time to read through President Obama’s Speeches, Watch Media Coverage, and Listen to old Speeches I think, as a Nation, we are experiencing another first… another Change.

I realize that in the Political arena you have to pander to the Majority in order to get elected and that the job is basically about the People and fro the People, but it appears that President Obama has taken this to a new level. How? Well, it doesn’t seem like he is pandering. He appears to be the first President who actually “IS” instead of “Trying to Be” the people. Whether it is his “Aloha” persona or his tight Basketball skills, he has the “Common Man bit” down pat. He seems to hold the ideals and mindset of the vast majority of the American public in his pocket… but also in his heart and mind.

So, what does this mean. Well America, I think we finally have our first Post-Modern President. His speeches drip with the “Po-Mo” concepts of relativism and subjective Truth.

Sure, according to the new President, there are ideals and and abstract constructs that are needed in the face of the troubles coming upon our nation, but it is only a matter of time before these ideals and constructs are viewed as a hindrance to our progress. The real Importance, as can be gleaned from Speeches, lies in Each Individual Man.

Maybe I am jumping to conclusions. Maybe things aren’t as “Post-Modern” as I think. Oh well, no matter how you cut it… Change is coming – “Yes We Can.”


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