Pregnancy Matters…
December 15, 2008, 1:56 pm
Filed under: General

Given the present circumstances of my wife’s pregnancy and the situations that surrounded us finding out about our little gift from God, I finally got around to reading a book on my list. I started last night and finished last night. Throughout the entire book I had an ever increasing since of joy, wonder, and amazement as the Author expounded upon his answer to the old question – “Where do the little ones go when they die?”

Though I am no scholar (and probably never will be) I will have to “throw my hat in the ring” with MacArthur on this one. The passages and explanations he presented for his answer of “Instant Heaven” seem to have been cemented in Scripture, founded on Truth, and in line with the very Character of God. While my own logic runs headlong into a brick wall when I pursue my own leanings, my heart celebrates when I follow the paths that he exposed. Praise God for an answer to this question.

I was so taken with the book that after finishing the last page I laid in bed with my wife and talked with her a bit about it. toward the end of the conversation I found myself in tears as I thought of all the little “innocent” who are now befroe the Throne of God praising in purity and perfection fully aware of what Christ did for them and the Grace that God extended. How awesome it will be to Praise God together with those whom He “delivered!”


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